Back with a Twist

Hello readers!  Wow!  I can't believe it's been a year since I last posted.  So much has happened in a year.  First and foremost, the hubby and I welcomed our first child a few weeks ago.  It's crazy that this time last year I was not even pregnant.  

We found out that we were pregnant in January.  Several weeks later we took a trip to Hawaii, which was wonderful until morning sickness hit.  I felt sick as a dog for most of my first trimester, absolutely wonderful my second, and huge and uncomfortable for most of my third.  In my third trimester, the doctor told me I was carrying extra fluid, which caused discomfort (pelvic pain, back pain, and trouble breathing) and a slew of worries (potential problems with the baby, pre-term labor, and risks with delivery).  As a result, we had weekly ultrasounds, which also revealed that the baby was consistently measuring 2-3 weeks larger.  At 38 weeks, my doctor decided it was time to induce.  

It was nice to have a planned delivery date.  I finished up work, took a few days off, and then spent the weekend with the hubby savoring our last bit of time alone together for the next 20-something years.  The night before I was induced neither of us slept very well due to extreme excitement . . . and a little bit of fear of the unknown.  We arrived at the hospital promptly at 5:30 am.  As we entered the labor and delivery ward and pushed the security button, a voice came through the speaker asking what we were there for.  We looked at each other oddly and the hubby answered, "um, we're here to have a baby."  His answer felt strange and exciting at the same time.  We were given our choice of rooms and introduced to our nurses, and then the whole process began.  I cried here and there throughout the day because I was so scared of the unknown...scared of pain, scared of what was going to happen to my body, scared of the epidural, scared of my life changing, even though it was for the better.

The day passed extremely fast, with a good epidural, of course!  Before I knew it, it was 7pm, I'd been in labor 12 hours, and I had hardly dilated.  By then it was clear that labor was not progressing.  My doctor had warned me weeks earlier that I may be delivering by c-section, so I was prepared when he recommended that route.  After nearly fourteen hours of labor, we made the decision to go ahead with the c-section.  I recall being extremely hungry when they rolled me into the OR on a table (I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours).  All I could think about was eating a big, juicy hamburger.  And I recall asking the OR doctors how soon until I could have one.

I was lifted from one table to another and in a room surrounded by a ton of people that I did not know.  My doctor and husband appeared dressed in full scrubs and I began to settle.  Pain medication was administered, a sheet went up, and before I knew it I could feel pressure in my abdomen and tugging.  Within minutes I heard the sweet sweet cry of my baby boy.  My husband brought him over to me and I recall thinking he was the most beautiful thing that I'd ever seen.  They quickly disappeared and it seemed like forever that I remained on the table while the doctors sewed me up.  I was no longer afraid nor did I care about hamburgers.  I had a son.


  1. Love this story from Mom's perspective. Great Ma's perspective was all excitement and some reflecting on years gone by. Thank you Natalie for this beautiful baby boy. Ma

  2. Beautiful and touching account...thanks for letting us into this sweet and tender moment...We love you ALL. Emily